Dr. Bill isn’t afraid to take on a new challenge. Before being cut from training camp with the Seattle Seahawks,Dr. Bill played wide receiver for the University of Oregon, Ducks. Prior to his tenure with the University of Oregon, Dr. Bill was a 2-year All-Conference football player at Cerritos Community College.

Dr. Bill was the consummate Student-Athlete and took advantage of the football scholarship offered to him by completing his Bachelors of Science Degree in Health Education. Throughout his playingcareer, and asa studenthe was always challenging himself to do better. He considers himself very fortunate to have found a career in Education very shortly after being released from the Seahawks training camp.He does not consider getting his education to “fall back” on a career; as his collegiate educational preparation to become a teacher and coach were intentional.

His commitment to leadership and team sports provided him several coaching opportunities having served as a Football and Baseball coach at the high school level, and several years at the Division I level being one of the youngest full-time football coaches in the Big-8 Conference. The opportunities and responsibilities of being a Coach provided countless mentoring and surrogate father opportunities that he still enjoys today. His success comes from seeing the young men mature with strong values.