Family Man


Dr. Bill has always recognized that he comes third. First is God, second is his family, and he brings up the rear, in third. Dr. Bill admits he would be nothing without the support of his family, as it is the catalyst that drives him. He clearly understands the sacrifice of self is required for establishing the foundation of a happy home. Spending the requisite time at each stage of his children’s life continues to be paramount to the type of relationship that will ultimately help other generations of Vincent’s to thrive. Dr. Bill continues to have an amazing relationship with his wife of 37 years and two wonderful, and professionally productive children who are both serving their communities professionally as physicians. In fact, his daughter (the Podiatrist) will be staring on a new show coming this fall called “My Feet Are Killing Me.” As a family, we are all excited about supporting her efforts.

Dr. Bill speaks about what it took for him to maneuver career opportunities, embrace change in self for the ultimate benefit of family; all while being the financial leader and support of his family. Dr. Bill truly believes that serving/leading his family was much like leading large and complex organizations professionally; in the sense that consistency of discipline, integrity, and genuine love and compassion for people are paramount values that foster personal, professional and organizational success.